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Here is a short list of classes and offerings for 2023

Usui & Karuna Reiki Training
I, II & III-Master/Teacher


Co-Creating Sacred Ceremony

Whether you are birthing a child

or a new business; whether you are

assisting a loved ones passing;

joining and bonding to a new partner;

dissolving or releasing that which is no longer working. 

Life transitions can become a sacred blessings through

ceremonial intent.


Chakra Health
   - using a pendulum to read and assess the chakras
  - using Reiki & other energy methods to clear and
balance the chakras
  - using yoga asanas (postures) and breathing
techniques to maintain healthy chakras
  - discovering and playing with the higher dimensional
chakras…a 4 week series



Meditation, Invocations & Sound Therapy
   - Crystal Singing Bowl meditations
  - Sound baths…shamanic journeys through sound
  - Weekly & monthly silent meditation offerings
  - Invocations (violet flame, silver ray, etc.) what do they mean and how do they work.


   - Acu-yoga
  - Chair yoga
  - Restorative (Yin sty
le) yoga


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