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The Light in me greets the Light in you...

We are ONE Heart moving forward into the G
olden Age.

We are evolving, ascending, becoming our True Selves
our True Essence.

Sharing a poem from my new book, Soaring Stillness:

Within Her Beating Heart

Ode to the Great Mother


Before my sleepy eyes

I dreamt this time

This world

This now


I call, I wait

The sun beams its vibrant light

On my heavenly heart

And all is well


The titter birds swoop and sing

Loud they call and I look

Watching, wondering

Which way they fly and why

Back and forth they come

Searching for I know not


The light beams arc and flow

Deep inside my soul

I live I laugh I know

I call and wait

For what do I wait

For who or is it whom?


I plunge my energetic hands

Into the crystals of light

I spin and sink and rise and fall

In one breathless moment


Waiting, loving, giving

Wondering what and when

Will the prize be opened

Before my sleepy eyes…


When the earth calls I answer

When the rains fall

 I lift my face in smile

Seeing rainbows everywhere


The dragon on my cheek smiles sweetly beneath Goddess’ feet

And she…She serene as always

Holds my passion still within her beating heart


May 18, 2009

I am available to co-create sacred ceremony around the life transition that you may be journeying through at this time.  Using crystal singing bowls, drums, sacred chants and poetry written for access to the infinite divine.  Check out my "Offerings Page", give me a call or shoot me an email or text if you are wanting more information.  In the meantime...  

May your days be filled with light, your nights with joy and
every moment with the love of Source.  Mahalo Nui Loa, Rhea

About Rhea and the One Heart

Loving my Crystal Bowl Friends

Frequent lenticular friends visiting Shasta

Herstory:  I have over 30 years experience teaching yoga, bodywork, meditation, dance, and sacred ceremony.  I was first introduced to Jnana Yoga through Swami Satchitanada at Woodstock. I later studied Hatha Yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute in Berkeley, California.  I received my Acupressure / Massage training and Acu-Yoga Teacher training and certification from Michael Gach, at the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, the Institute’s founder and developer of Acu-Yoga. My teaching career includes: the Kripalu Center in Littleton, Co., World Yoga Healing Arts Center in Walnut Creek, and ABsolute Center, in Lafayette, CA.   Teaching Reiki and Yoga classes, as well as sharing my healing practice with beloveds at Trilogy/Shea Homes in Queen Creek, and teaching yoga and Reiki in Ashland, Oregon, Mt. Shasta and the Sacramento area. I received my Usui Reiki Master attunements and teaching credential in the summer of 1996 (10th in line to Hayawa Takata in direct lineage to Master Usui) from Rhianna Miller and my Karuna Reiki Master attunement and training from Astarius Reiki-Om in December 2006.

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